If your company typically spends more than $100,000 annually for commercial/video production, you need to consult the pros at Loos Change Media!

Kentucky’s aggressive tax incentives benefit companies through great cost-savings without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The tax incentive provide rebates on qualifying expenses, including but not limited to local labor, locations, talent, and crew.

  • Qualified productions can take advantage of a refundable income tax credit of up to 30% of approved expenditures or,


When your company hires Loos Change Media, we engage our writers and scout locations. Then we apply for the KY tax incentive for your project (about four to six weeks prior to filming). After production is completed, Loos Change files cost reports with the KY Film Office. When the Film Office issues the rebate, it’s then refunded back to the client within one week of receipt.

  • Film production incentives are available to companies that spend at least $250,000 to produce feature films or television shows in Kentucky. Commercials are eligible with required expenditures of $100,000.