michael loos

About Michael Loos

Michael Loos is a film/TV actor/producer/voice-over talent who grew up imitating scenes on TV, then acted in his high school drama club. He came to love the instant feedback from the audience in live performances. He especially loved doing comedies because of the joy they brought the audience. Because he loves to see people smile, he soon became the life of the party almost everywhere he went.

But his passion for acting never ceased. Michael acted in church plays and short dramas before eventually beginning to work through an agent for commercial, industrial and film work. Michael is a film actor, but works on commercials, industrials and stage plays between films helps him stay sharp. Michael

As a producer, Michael is focused on creating original content that forces the audience to form their own own opinions about the storyline. He constantly has 3-5 projects in the different stages of production, from development to post-production.